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Journalist David Maddock of the Mirror

One hope as a reporter this season?

Manchester United don’t bore their way to the Premier League title. I still haven’t forgotten the day Mourinho played anti-football with Chelsea to deny Liverpool the title, with the tactic of literally keeping the ball out of play. That was a crime against football, and no manager who can devise that should ever have success in this game.

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  1. tonystep:

    I agree but unfortunately Moaningho is a proven winner and last season proved it big time. 2 seasons ago we were in both the League Cup and Europa League finals and lost them both, then fast forward 12 months, scum in the same 2 finals and what do you know, they win them both. I can’t stand the little shrimp, hate him with a passion but he is a winner, no matter how he achieves it, and we would love to be as successful

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