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Matchtalk v Watford

Watford v Liverpool

Saturday 12th August 2017

ko – 12:30


  1. Al:

    Expecting a comfortable win, 3-0 after the pre-season, looking forward to seeing Mane, Salah, blitz Watfords defence.

  2. mustblfc:

    Opening day, I do not thonk Watford will sit back defensively. Too much adrenalin. We will overwhelm them as they will not be able to deal with the speed of our attack., but of course we must give up a goal, 3-1.

  3. 25May05:

    If Courtinio goes on Friday, id like to see Watford spank us 6-0, Klopp resign and ther be mass riots at Anfield to force these jokers out once and for all. Strong words but I’m tired of FSG milking this club and mugging off its supporters. They’ve done nothing this summer to build on our fairly poor squad from last season, we just about scraped into the top 4 without any European Football. No trophies for a very long time and it looks like it will stay that way for a very long time. Let’s not kid ourselves, how many Pre seasons have we sat there and fooled ourselves this will be the year. I don’t want owners who chuck money around but surely we make enough money to have a decent squad capable of competing at the premiership table.
    If Cortinio goes we have to stand up and be counted as supporters…. there is only so much you can take?????

  4. Stevo66:

    Always excited at the start of a new season regardless of players or club owners. Missed my footy over the last 3 months, so will be in front of telly come lunchtime Saturday, if we win I will be thinking buy VVD and the league is ours, if we draw then ok top 4 is ours, lose and then it’s all over for another season,
    By the way can’t see the Count going.

  5. tonystep:

    Haha I like that. Yes I also have a feeling the Count will stay for at least another year. Also have a sneaky feeling that we’re gonna spank the hornets, 5-1 the leagues ours!! Oh dear here we go again

  6. aldogs:

    The coutinho saga has come the day before kick off, not great for team morale. I doubt he is injured at all. The owners have pulled him pending sale. Why would the Spanish book an unveiling of a player without some sort of positive feedback. I’m not convinced by the FSG charade.
    We need to wake up and smell the coffee, they are playing us pure and simple.
    I bet they sell coutinho and buy Ross Barkley for 15million instead of Delli Ali for 150 million. They are not fooling me.
    I think all this has hit at the wrong time, just before kick off. Watford have bought well and I bet Andre gray scores against us. 1-1 because my positive frame of mind has been anhilated by our poor transfer business over the summer.

  7. 25May05:

    So here we go again, going for a 1-1 draw but would love the win

  8. 25May05:

    Boom great start – defense looking strong

  9. jk82:

    We will be lucky to finish in the top half of the league with this team. Lovren is one of the worst defenders in the league, Moreno is back at left back and our 3 centre mids are all the same. Sideways passing and non run forward with the ball. Our front 3 must have turned into Benteke and Carroll as all we’re doing is pumping long balls forward to them to compete in the air. Is Klopp being found out.

  10. 25May05:

    Just heard Barca have bid for Mane

  11. seastones:

    I guess that’s a joke but it’s probably only time 🙁

  12. 25May05:

    Bloody hell, Moreno diving in again what is going on here we are so poor defensively…. same as last season shocking

  13. Al:

    We need VVD asap, thus defence is AGAIN shocking

  14. admin:

    No creation in midfield – Firmino touched the ball a coupleof times. Midfield hell bent on high balls to our small forwards

  15. seastones:

    Kaboul is giving our guys a masterclass in how to defend.

  16. mustblfc:

    Out hustled out muscled all over the pitch. Much the same as last season give up a goal from set piece and one from panic at the back. Need to get our head out.

  17. 25May05:

    Shocking half of football, Firminio missing his mate, Can wants to go, Moreno just quite simply shit. Only player trying is Mane. Sorry guys but Klopp has had all summer to improve this defense, and he’s done nothing at all and hoped it would get better. Champions league, you are having a laugh . This is Watford, favourites to go down and we’ve conceded 2 goals in 45 mins of football. What will City and Utd do to this defence. With the exception of Matip we should have a completely new defense…. appalling

  18. tonystep:

    This is why I hate preseason games, we look good and our hopes are high and can’t wait for the campaign to start and then this happens. What a pathetic first half with the team playing like they’re strangers, slow, predictable, too many sideways and back passes, no imagination in the middle and add to that the same old diabolical defending and you get this piss poor performance. These signs are not good considering we’re actually at a critical point of the season even though it’s only just started. This team could be up against it in the league in the next 2/3 weeks if we’re not careful and could be dumped out of the CL without even getting to the group stages.
    Gone from can’t wait for the new season to start to now being full of dread, team not performing, defence absolutely crap and Coutinho going.

  19. Al:

    Same old Liverpool, can’t defend, can’t see out a game when ahead.
    Gonna be a hard season of frustration

  20. 25May05:

    One word…. shocking

  21. Northampton red:

    Same old shocking defending can’t believe klopp thinks these lot r good enough, no creativity in midfield it’s going to be a long season if it isn’t sorted out , bring back sakho

  22. mustblfc:

    Couldn’t finish them off and paid the price. Whta was a very good 2nd half. Widjaldum how do you screw up a header so badly.

  23. tonystep:

    Same ole same ole, we can’t keep relying on forwards getting us out of jail when the defence is an absolute disgrace. No decent team can continually win games when you have to score 3/4/5 to do so. What the hell is Klopp and his team doing in training?? He hasn’t improved us at the back one jot so if it’s beyond him then he should swallow his pride and bring a defensive coach in. This team don’t know the first thing about how to defend especially set pieces, comical and amateurish.
    Unfortunately there’s nothing that gives me confidence going forward this season, Klopp obviously can’t fix it and we will continually give cheap goals away

  24. tonystep:

    Klopp can’t continue to give shitty excuses and keep pulling the wool over our eyes, this defence is diabolical. We need replacements and even just buying VVD would only paper over the cracks. We simply don’t know how to defend as a unit but mainly the back 4. He should swallow his pride and give Sakho another chance, I’m not overly convinced that Matip is equipped for the PL but I know Lovren is very average at best.
    Pulling my hair out already and it’s only the first game of the season. Also all this shit with Coutinho has probably affected the group but this is a real sickening start and won’t put us in the best frame of mind going into the huge CL game coming up

  25. mustblfc:

    Klopp must have in his mind that because we kept 3 clean sheets at the end of last season, the defense was fixed. More like a mirage.

  26. rexi29:

    See UEFA team ranking LFC 35th and behind Valencia and fe Basel, more bad can not be and without buy a player and put the same 11 clowns like the past match, black black future

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