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Matchtalk v Middlesborough

15:00 Sun 21st May 2017


  1. mustblfc:

    Dirk Kuyt scores hat trick and Feyenoord win the league. During the celebration with supporters he gets them, 120, 000 to sing YNWA. Priceless. Admin that is one thing to love about football.

  2. oggz:

    WTG Kuyt pure quality from another ex red once it’s in your blood their is no turning back.

  3. 25May05:

    So, we have to win on Sunday now…. given our recent home form, especially against lower opposition and there are a few doubts. We deffo need a few early goals or it will be squeaky bum time

  4. jk82:

    Biggest game of the season on sun. Last season we were 45 minutes away from CL football and the players bottled it. They have shown that same mentality a few more times in 2017. This game on sun is not a certainty and we need to turn up.

  5. Al:

    Comfortable win for me, same set up as last Sun, Boro down, players won’t turn up, nothing to play for. Convincing 3-4 nil win for me.
    CL here we come !!!!

  6. oggz:

    I am a bit worried about this game pretty much the same as all the games over the last few weeks. We are under immense pressure to win this game for a CL spot and we all know it depends which team turns up we will either be well up for it and go at them 100% from the start or we will be like startled rabbits in the spotlights and freeze playing like we haven’t got a clue and can’t be arsed. We all know how Middlesbrough will play probably have 10 men behind the ball and say it’s up to you to break us down then try hitting us on the counter.
    This will not be an easy game as Middlesbrough won’t want to leave the prem with a loss they will want to beat us to show that they can compete at this level also they will be playing with total freedom as the pressure is completely off them now. I am going for a very nervy 2-1 to us with a few twist,turns and a few beers for me along the way

  7. seastones:

    Your comment sounds like a team talk to the players, what are doing on Sunday ? 🙂

  8. oggz:

    Lol sorry

  9. mustblfc:

    We played some big games last season in the Europa tournament, the players should be able to deal with the pressure. As it has been said, we lose this game we don’t deserve CL.
    In the last game we pressed well, created turnovers, we will need more of the same for a win.

  10. oggz:

    I know this is off topic but now admin has hung up his boots there is nowhere else to post I just want to smash thank you and all the best to one of the greatest players I have been privalaged to watch yes I was brought up with the Dalglish and rush era but I was only 5 at the time it’s only when I got to my mid 20s I started to apretiate football and realise it wast all about being aggressive and running around like headless chickens for 90 mins lol so I would like to say a big big THANK YOU TO XABI ALONSO one of the best footballer I have been privekaged to watch up close and personal at Anfield what a player and so so sadly missed what a team we had under Benitez with Reina Carra Gerard Mascherano Torres etelc etc how we never won the title is beyond me we had the greatest Midfield and a leathal attack my biggest biggest regret of all time was Mr Benitez wanting to sell Alonso and replace him with Gareth Barry wow what a mistake for LFC that was as within 2 years of that we lost Mascherano Alonso Torres and Reina.
    The spine of our team thank you Rafa
    All the best and you will never walk alone Mr Xabi Alonso ( legend )

  11. tonystep:

    I echo your sentiments exactly. Fantastic player and a definite legend who always shows our club love and support. Stevie G said it broke his heart when he left and it also broke all ours as well. Enjoy your retirement Xabi, YNWA

  12. 25May05:

    anyone nervous??? shit I am

  13. cyberblade:

    Here we are. This last game will resume our all season and the coming season. Come on you reds.


  14. oggz:

    Come on lads let’s get a few early goals put my nerves at ease dont force me to drink

  15. oggz:

    God I have never been wanting Lukaka to score more than I do now Arsenal are 1-0 up putting us in 5th at the moment.

  16. oggz:

    Arsenal now bloody 2-0 up looks like our friends from Goidison don’t want to help us out and we are struggling to break down a relegated Middlesbrough team.
    Looks like we might just end up shooting ourself in the foot again if we don’t up the pace

  17. 25May05:

    We have been aweful and won’t win this one have thought it all week

  18. oggz:

    Yesssssss get in there Gini boy

  19. 25May05:

    Yes get in there, now let’s stuff this sack of crap

  20. oggz:

    Phew phew phew get in there the magician he deserves it and now I can relax

  21. oggz:

    Party time

  22. PH:

    Nervy but got their in the end well done fellas!! Now bring some quality Jurgen and take as forward onwards and upwards.

  23. Al:

    Relief, now up and on, bring some experienced players in to push for the top.
    Well done lads, but why did you do it the hard way

  24. seastones:

    Well done lads for securing CL football next season. Always at this stage of the season you can look back at the points that we threw away and you can think if only we had won those games our position could have been even better.
    I hate to say it but over the course of the season the chavs have been the best PL side and they deserve the trophy, if only we had the kind of money to spend that they have then we could have staged a better challenge.
    Next season with some new faces in our squad may bring us some success but when you see the names of players being linked with the other top 4 or 5 clubs it isn’t going to get any easier.
    Good to see us finish above the arse and manure :-))

  25. tonystep:

    Never in doubt!!! Yeh right??? Hahaha I’m chuffed to bits and think this is definitely the start of special journey back to the top. Yes we’ll not be able to compete with the mega bucks but I’ve got total confidence that the Kloppmeister will bring in real quality in the summer. It can’t be underestimated what having a genuine world class coach can do to bring better players in especially when you throw in CL football. To achieve top 4 in only his first full season in charge is great credit to JK and along with the experience of this season I for one am very confident for next season. Can’t wait for it, YNWA

  26. mustblfc:

    Job well done. Taking 4th in the league is an improvement. Jurgen wants to sign quality and that is what we need to compete next season. If I were the boss, I would bid £120 mil for Griesman, blow the budget. The shirt sales would be thru the roof. That would not address all our issues, he is a special player and would have one hell of a attacking force. An added bonus the scum would have to bid higher to sign hm.

  27. 25May05:

    Job done this season, ups and downs. Mr Klopp and FSG: we need 4 top class players for our starting 11, LB, CH, attacking left sided wide player and a top top Striker. In addition we need 4-6 quality squad players… we won’t get much change from £200m…… over to you now

  28. tonystep:

    Some rumours are saying Klopp will be given a 100 mill war chest for summer transfers but if this is true it’s neither a war chest nor anywhere near enough for what we need. I fear if we don’t spend at least close to double that figure we’ll already be up against it next season cos all the big clubs will spend mega bucks to add world class players to their squads. Come on FSG even though you don’t really care about our club surely you can see that we’re in a great position to challenge next season and 200 mill is just pocket money to you considering how big an impact it would make and also add multi millions to the value of our great club

  29. oggz:

    I can see FSG only giving Klopp 100m and then he will have to generate another 100m himself from player sales but he could quite easily get that by selling Sakho Sturridge Lucas Wisdom and a few more fringe players having said that though if FSG gave Klopp 200m plus player sales then that would give him around 300m to spend image the players we could get then ??

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