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Had Enough

Hi All

I have decided to close this site down.

Many reasons but mainly I cannot accept the way that football has gone. We have players that come to the club as mediocre at best. The club and the fans spend years nurturing these players and ask for nothing else but loyalty. They sign a 5 year contract worth a fortune and then demand a transfer a few months later. Even worse their family accuse Liverpool of wrong doing. Had enough of these money grabbing people. By people I mean Players, Clubs, Agents and of course the football bodies.

This window, Liverpool have a net spend of £35m so far. Today Man City had £200m on the bench. Our bench was awful as quality backup, as it has been year after year. At the season start Klopp was supposed to have had a war-chest of £150m plus. Right now he is putting out soundbites that he is satisfied with our quality.

Why are we always left behind in the transfer market? Why do all of our dealings turn to shit? No other top club have these problems. One can only assume that FSG are at the core of all this. My suspicions are more sinister. These owners show little interest in the club unless it will bring more money it. The new store at Anfield a perfect example yet they tell us that a new extension will mean higher prices.

Today we saw the Western Union badge on the players sleeve – £32m cha ching.

What I cannot work out is why Klopp is putting up with this?

Anyhow everyone, I would like to thank you all for supporting me while we were going but I am officially no longer a supporter of the Premier League – Had enough of this piss taking and player disloyalty and finacially abusing supporters.

Thanks GuysnGals



  1. mustblfc:

    John, this site lets us vent our frustrations. By closing it down the supporters on here are the ones being hurt. YNWA.

  2. 25May05:

    Couldn’t agree more Admin. It would be a shame to close it down though mate

  3. aldogs:

    This is the message FSG need to hear and fans should vote with their feet. I’m in the same frame of mind, absolutely sick of waiting for our club to win another title. It is never going to happen because we are so far behind the rest of the pack. These owners are raping the club with no end in sight and I’m sick of watching it. Can’t bring myself to show any interest in a club that is set on demoralising its supporters. The supporters mean nothing except money. The players don’t care about the fans, the owners don’t care, the manager doesn’t care. They all care about money, money is the only motivation. I’m not spending a penny of mine on this club and I’m not being exploited. More need to do this as it’s the only message these crooks know. Shame on David moores for what you have done, you sold your soul to the devil and we’ve been paying ever since. Great players come and gone and still no title. Fed up need something to change my mood like we’re signing a super star Or we’re getting new owners. Bye ‍♂️

  4. tonystep:

    Can certainly understand your frustration John but hope you reconsider because as mentioned this is where we can air our grievances and feed off others opinions.

  5. tezza23:

    Please please have a rethink john , but will still wish you good luck in your future and thanks for all you’ve done.

  6. Al:

    We understand how you feel, I think we all are of the same opinion, frustrated for such a long time not being to compete with some teams, with the big bucks being chucked about, but we still love our club through thick and thin.
    We love this site too, good chat and banter between friends who will never meet each other .
    Please rethink John, it’s a brilliant site , with lots of info about our club, for some of us who live a long way away it’s good to pick up info the papers will never publish.

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