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Eat my words

Well I have to eat humble pie after reading the statement put out by FSG that The Count will not be sold.

The arrogance of Barcelona actually setting up the unveiling of our boy before pen went to paper.

Well done FSG and well done Klopp who never reeled. These Spanish giants have been kicked up the arse and they are not used to that.

We do though have to resign ourselves to the fact that we will lose him next season, which gives the boss time to forward plan.

So happy we are the first club to stand up to the might of the Spaniards



  1. oggz:

    Well it’s all gone pear shaped now if reports are true Coutinhio has now handed in a transfer request to force the deal through.

  2. 25May05:

    Don’t start eating it yet, Courtinio has just handed in a transfer request. This is a game changer for me as now he’s clearly stated he wants to move on. Best we can do is get a £120m (all cash up front) and then spend in the next 2 weeks by getting VVD for £75m and Keita for £75m + Ox from Arsenal for £35m. I think that will help us strengthen the squad. Talk about tapping up though, apparently they’ve already agreed personal terms and an unveiling today. How does that work???

  3. mustblfc:

    I do not blame Coutinho. Fsg have showed little commitment to the club and certainly cannot compete with Chitty, the scum and chelski. The only reason for VVD to choose us is money cause are season is fuc# ed.

  4. mustblfc:

    Klopp pregame presser might get a bit contentious.

  5. tonystep:

    To say I’m angry is a massive understatement, I’M F@/&IN PISSED OFF!!!! He’s staying, he’s going, what the hell is going on??? So much shit about him wanting to do things amicably eh, the day before the season starts and only 4 days before a potentially season defining CL tie? He’s shown us no respect so we should show him none. I know we’re almost as bad with this tapping up lark but surely there must come a time or at least a time frame where if a player signs a new 5 year bumper contract in January then he shouldn’t be allowed to renege on it just 6 months later, and especially not when the window has so little time left to get a decent alternative. Yes I know we should try to get as much money for him as we possibly can, and not a measly £100mill, but I also feel that we should at least do what we did with Suarez, banish him to train on his own, say he’s going nowhere and wait for the window to close. Then we can get another 12 months out of him and can prepare for it properly. Ye ye ye all this talk of ‘when Barca come calling you have to go’ well I don’t give a toss about that. Yes I suppose it’s cutting our nose off to spite our face but we don’t need to sell him and we don’t need the money. FSG has shown no regard or loyalty to us fans and to our club in general over the years, they’ve let us down on numerous occasions by not investing enough in our team but now they can actually show some balls and block this deal just like Leipzig have done with Keita and Southampton have done with VVD and show the footballing world that we’re no pushovers in the transfer market. As you can gather I’m seething and if he does go now he’ll no longer be the little magician he’ll be the little snake in the grass!!!

  6. 25May05:

    If Barca want him then I’d up the transfer fee to £150m now and say if you want him that’s the price…. over to you boys.

  7. 25May05:

    I’d love to know who this family member is…. they’re now saying Courtinio’s had a problem with Klopp about his role in the team…. WTF???
    This is a real concerted, well thought through offensive by Barcelona and Courtinio’s representatives. Let’s not do a Southampton, let him go for £125m, tbh that’s excellent business for someone who only cost £8.5m and who’s not been that consistent over the last 4 years. Please don’t drag it out and move him on.

  8. aldogs:

    I’m not surprised, Barca start the dirty tricks campaign to get they’re man. Coutinho swallows his nuts and leaps in with both feet. No doubt he’s been well groomed. Absolutely disgraceful that he’s been shamelessly tapped up, I think we’re owed an apology. Now he’s trying to burn his bridges, no goin back, Liverpool have to sell.
    Or do they? Why sign a 5 yr contract with no release clause knowing this had every possibility of happening? Can’t of Hated klopp that much eh. Sell him, but not to Barca. Sell him to psg. That really hurt them. Go get Reus.

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