My Take

First off before any criticism I thought the boys did us proud.

Hardly a team in the Prem have given these superstars a game this season. Yeah I know Bradford but they did not face the Chavs full team and as we know cup matches can be unpredictable. If the truth was known I really expected a storm from them but our youngsters gave as good as we got. The first half we were magnificent, made me swell with pride.

Ok the good bits said now for the wrongs …..

I can understand Rodgers bringing on Balotelli and Lambert, as Sterling is no centre forward after all isn’t it what we bought these players for, to lead the line. Sterling was getting no luck there at all. My real issue is with the decision to buy these hopeless players. What other top title chasing team brings in such poor forward players. Has any real homework been done?

Balotelli is simply a headline name and has been a football joke for years now and Lambert is just awful but between them they cost £20m. Both have shown that they struggle at this level yet we as a club have known our forward problem heading into the January window and still the fans are told by Rodgers that they have no intentions of buying new players this break.

These days to bring in quality you have to splash out. The one position that shouts out for class is the centre forward. Both Rodgers and FSG know this so why?

50,000 fans can’t all be wrong and Rodgers is right. There are those that will say Rodgers has his hands tied and has to tow the line but I don’t buy that. If any of the other managers ask for players, for the most part they get them. Manu are in £700m worth of debt but that won’t stop them splashing out for glory sake.  They use financial creativety. The truth is that Rodgers from day one is a yes man and because of his career he is a yes man. He has never once had a ‘discussion’ with Henry and forced an issue. Even over the Suarez debacle we were like butter as soon as £75m was on the table. He still had 2 years left on his contract so for the good of the club he should have been forced to see it out but the money was more inviting.

The future for Liverpool with these owners is bleak my friends and while there are fans out there that don’t smell the coffee, we are steadily going backwards, that is apart form more income from out sponsor paid for extension with its corporate boxes. Plastic flags next.

I know we will never ever compete with the big two as the PL is all but F*d up now with a one two set in stone for years to come. That’s another story, how the FA have allowed this. But we should be competing with Arsenal, Manu and even Spurs, we are nowhere near with our American policies.

I’m afraid it going to be down to fan power. Only the fans can halt this sham. We have just been named as the 9th richest club in the world and we pay out £4m for a centre forward, what a sham. We get rejected by every big player we go after why?  Don’t be fobbed off by the excuses. It is sure to be a money issue.

I look at all the benches of our rivals and it puts us to shame. Don’t get me wrong as I have always been an opponent of the big spenders but its either compete or sink. We ourselves have spent a fair bit last summer but the choices have always beeen to satisfy the board of either young, nurture and sell for a profit down the line or loanees or the Academy. We are now at this moment crying out for a headline centre forward as for sure Studge will get injured again.

We are an American business venture and make no mistake it is not about history or glory, it’s about profit. Henry bought the club for nothing, more or less half it’s value and guess what, it’s worth over double what he paid (9th richest in the world). We did not become this rich club out of cups, league places or glory. We became the richest club out of sponsorship, TV rights and ticket prices (2nd highest in the PL to Arsenal who have a new stadium).

I just wish the fans would wake up and really take an indepth look at what is happening to our club. We have one good game and all is forgiven. We basically have a good manager who likes his teams to attack and entertain which is brilliant but he has to have more financial backing. You simply can’t replace a world class Suarez with an aging Lambert. I mean everyone can see that Lambert would be a good ‘in the air’ Stoke player but Liverpools passing game, really?

Anyhow back to last nights forced substitutes, Johnson was a terrible choice, practically eveything he did was shambolic. He’s leaving the club so why? Lambert and Balotelli instead of Llalana, I don’t get at all.

After last weeks one off very good performance from Henderson, he returned to form again, just not good enough. Once again a clear cut scoring opportunity and he makes a pigs ear of it. He’s like a one legged horse. This is our future captain, scary that we don’t have a better player than him to lead the team. Imagin Messi coming and being told Hendo’s your captain. I know thats a figment but it’s an analogy.

Mignolet was better but it’s still white knuckle time when he’s on the ball, last night it was his wild kicking into the stands for no reason. No doubt he’ll be the same against West Ham next match.

So to sum up as I could go on all week, the problem is and always been the fact that we would not shell out for a world class replacement using part of the £75m we scooped in. Instead FSG wanted a lot of prospects that could mean profit in the future, after all it’s a business.

If anyone here think that their policies will change then I call you fools. Their only objective is to get further up the rich list which obviously means more sponsors, more profits and less outlays.

We are all being had and we for the most part go to the match like lambs to the slaughter. Go to Liverpool one to see that the main store has been closed for refurbishment for the last month. The investment will bring more profit and where from? – yep you the fans!


Moanhino Scared of Liverpool

Chelsea was destroyed by Bradford Saturday 4-2 even after scoring the first two goals. The Moaner rested 9 players ahead of the Liverpool match only Mikel and Cahill started the match. Jose talks a good game but when it comes right down to it he didnt value the Bradford match. He put out a very weak team. This will be a worry for me in the second half as 2 of our main cogs Coutinho and Sterling will play on such short rest.