Can’t get the words out

After watching Liverpool v Manu then later Barcelona v Real Madrid, I have come to a telling conclusion – FOOTBALL IS TOTALLY F***** UP.

I have no idea where to begin, but I will say that I have finished supporting football in it’s present state.

It’s easier for me to list the problems that are plaguing the game …….


The vast amount of money that is circulated between club owners, footballers and agents at the expense of the grass roots supporters. Here’s a senario – Sky offer 5 plus billions for the rights to screen the PL. One month after this deal all Sky customers are being told that next year all subscriptions are going up. New Balance anounce a shirt sponsorship deal with the club and the shirt also goes up in price. Get where we are going with this? To spell it out, every single penny that goes into a football club actually comes from the supporter.


This is an unnecessary evil. A group of immoral greedy parasites who could not care less about the millions that they suck from the supporters. This nest of thieves need to be iradercated, simple as that.


We are experiencing an invasion of foreign investers who care nothing of the clubs they try to buy. How can they have the clubs history within their veins. How can American philosophy be transferred to such historic clubs? Make no mistake these owners and shareholders have only one goal PROFITS – They can gloss all they want with thier soundbites but it takes real intelligence to see through their rhetoric. Liverpool’s extension instead of new stadium is a prime example.


Where do I begin – In general todays player is greedy, non loyal and couldn’t give a damn about supporters. Time again they show a total lack of respect for the clubs and their fans. Sterling and Henderson are showing their worth right now. If we don’t qualify for CL then they are off. What is startling is their ages. Sterling is nothing short of a kid that owes eveything to Liverpool and their fans. Henderson has been useless for two seasons then he shows something and starts to believe his own hype. I call it spitting in the fans face and a show of absolute disloyalty. I see these guys in the Liverpool City Centre cruising in their £100k cars £100 meals at posh restuarants.  I’ts all a shame that it’s come to this but who am I to speak up when so many fans allow this to happen and even try to give reasons why we should pay a 20 year old £150k a week.

Mark my words this has to stop in order for the game to survive and it’s only a matter of time. Fans will continue to be frozen out and what was once their hometown club will have no resemblence whatsoever to being ‘our club’

Big business has taken over and will continue to milk the fans for every drop possible, so enjoy while you can and don’t say you were not warned!

A parting shot by JohnT